La Véritable eau de Cologne | by Cadentia since 1945
 authentic French Eau de Cologne
La Veritable
Cologne embodying strength
Cologne embodying pleasure
Cologne embodying freshness
Cologne embodying authenticity
French perfume
La Véritable eau de Cologne | by Cadentia since 1945

La Véritable eau de Cologne | by Cadentia since 1945

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La Veritable - an authentic French Eau de Cologne embodying strength, pleasure, freshness, and authenticity.

The name La Veritable means “the true one” in French, and this new line certainly embodies such distinction!
All eight fragrances have been created with the time-honored, French sophistication of blended subtle harmonies. Try them and discover these symphonies for the senses!

The elegance of being yourself. 

Cadentia - makers of the world's finest Eaux de cologne in the world. 

Since it opened in 1945, legendary French perfumer Cadentia has become known for the subtlety of its scents. But subtle does not mean simple – no! On the contrary, Cadentia’s Eaux de Colognes – although fresh and timeless – exhilarate the senses with a wide range of olfactory notes.
You can thank the company’s master perfumer and “nose” for that. With his world-renowned talent, traditional know-how, and passion for invention, each of his new formulas excites senses and soul. Poetry, fantasy, passion, and creativity – they all come together in Cadentia’s original and natural products.
But our “nose” is just part of a team – based in the south of France overlooking lavender fields. Cadentia’s true history and renown are the sums of its whole – with all team members devoted to worldwide customer service. Authenticity, generosity, commitment, and pleasure – these are the principles that underly Cadentia and will carry it forward confidently into the future.